Inflatable Ramp for Zorbing Ball


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Size: L x W x H
10 x 4.5 x 4.2 meters
32.8 x 14.7 x 13.7 feet

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An inflatable ramp will come in handy when you need an incline for a sports event or a fun family activity. Inflatable ramps are practical, cost effective and portable paraphernalia that can be set up at events and competitions easily and without much installation effort. Apart from for sorbing balls, inflatable ramps can be used for the purpose of bmx training or competition and also other freestyle bike forms requiring ramps of an appropriate incline or angle. They are also used as skateboard or roller skating ramps, and in some instances, for skiing in non winter conditions. Larger inflatable ramps are used for zorbing which puts a person inside a giant transparent ball which rolls down the ramp. They can be placed in your large backyard, garden or home frontage with ample space for them to be set up. These inflatable ramps help immensely in helping athletes in ramp applicable sports train and improve their skills continuously. What are the characteristics of inflatable ramp? Upon purchase you get an inflatable ramp with an angle of your choice. It should come with its own inflating equipment so that you can bring it anywhere with ease and then inflate it on the spot. For endless indoor or outdoor fun or training, get your own handy inflatable ramp!

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